NewCoinClub - Connect communities and a financial social network where people help each other

A Powerful opportunity

Join us in creating opportunities for the less fortunate
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Guaranteed to keep increasing overtime

We want to create a solution that educates people on the features and benefits of Newcoin

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We want to help grow the NEWCOIN network so that we can ensure NEWCOIN continues to rise in value

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Privacy transaction

Another potential weakness of Confidential Transactions is that masked amounts are really only masked for that particular transaction

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Verify member

Right now we mitigate fake accounts with a simple unique-human turing test: a verification photo

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From 0% to 3%, 5% and 10%, you can choose your percentage profit plan according to your investment for small volume

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Powerfull Oppertunity

These members are working with us for a simple cause. To better our future and to end poverty, we stand with our customers to make our future, a better place to live.

Build long-Lasting relationships

Develop exceptional leadership skills

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Why choose Us?


NewCoinClub always prioritizes the future and all of our efforts are to urge ourselves and the whole humanity towards the better future. We focus on future more than anything and hence our financial plan tells the story of our interest in developing a future.

Why choose Us?

Our mission

NewCoinClub considers the problems of whole society and there solutions. NewCoinClub believes in the idea of helping someone today so tomorrow you might get help in times of trouble.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.

We believe that if we continue to provide people with the knowledge they need to understand cryptocurrencies and the blockchain then they will come to accept cryptocurrencies and invest in NEWCOIN.